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Business Tax Credits

Maximize Business Potential with Expert Tax Credit Services. At At Ease Financial, we specialize in uncovering overlooked tax benefits, including Employee

Retention Credits (ERC). Our dedicated team ensures your business capitalizes on every tax advantage, boosting financial health and paving the way for growth.

Not-for-Profit Life Insurance

Explore Affordable Life Insurance for Everyone with Not-For-Profit Entities. We proudly offer a variety of life insurance solutions sourced from 501c8 not-for-profit organizations. These options, often more affordable and member-focused, are designed to ensure everyday individuals receive the best coverage suited to their unique financial situations.

Wealth Management

Secure Your Financial Future with Comprehensive Tailored Wealth Management. Our services include Indexed Universal Life (IUL) policies and diverse annuities, ideal for long-term growth and strategic retirement planning. We provide personalized, adaptable strategies to build and effectively preserve your wealth.

Children's Head Start Program

Secure Your Child’s Financial Future Today. Our Children's Head Start Program focuses on setting up early life insurance for children, building significant cash value for their future. This program ensures that as your children grow, they have a solid financial foundation, easing their journey towards financial independence.

Creative Partnerships

Collaborate and Raise Awareness with At Ease Financial. Through our Creative Partnerships section, we join forces with various organizations to spread knowledge about our financial services. Engaging in podcasts, webinars, public speaking, and conferences, we're dedicated to educating communities and enhancing financial literacy.

Word of Mouth Program

Join Our Growing Team with the Word of Mouth Program. At Ease Financial seeks individuals passionate about community financial health. Participants can earn through referrals without licensing or opt for commission-based work. This program offers a flexible pathway to contribute to financial empowerment in your community.

Why Choose Our Services

Expertise in Tax Credits

Our team specializes in identifying and maximizing business tax credits, putting money back in your pocket.

Not-for-Profit Advantage:

As partners with not-for-profit life insurance providers, we offer policies that come with exclusive member benefits.

Future Security:

Our indexed universal life insurance (IULs) and annuities ensure financial security and growth.

Invest in Their Future:

Give your child a head start with our program, setting them on a path to financial success.

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