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Deals and Discount Club

Gain exclusive access to our Deals and Discount Club as a member. Save on travel, entertainment, shopping, shows, rentals, flights, and hotels. Enjoy thousands of discounts for everyday and special occasions.

Community Grants Program:

Access hundreds to thousands of dollars repeatedly yearly for local community events. Organize impactful one-day initiatives like bookbag drives and more to significantly benefits your community..

Members-Only Scholarships:

Exclusive to members, awarding over 300 scholarships annually. Each valued at $10,000 for children or grandchildren. Empower your family's education and future.

Tuition Reimbursement:

Access up to $1,000 for educational advancement through our tuition reimbursement program. Support for books, courses, and professional certifications. Empower your pursuit of further education and skills.

Emergency Contact System:

Ensure your family receives the death benefit with our emergency contact system. We address the issue of unclaimed life insurance, safeguarding payouts. Our system helps the money reach your loved ones.

Online Enrichment Program:

Invest in personal growth with an Online Enrichment Program. Choose from over 200 courses on various topics from finance and understanding credit to cybersecurity and professional development.

Law Assistance:

You can get online documentation services completed for free. Get your will, power of attorney and healthcare directives taken care of before tragedy strikes without the hefty costs.

Parental Legacy Program:

Protect your loved ones with our Parental Legacy Program. When parents pass away and the children become orphaned, children under 18 can receive child support every single month and college money.

Diabetes Discount Program:

The struggle of getting life insurance with diabetes is a real thing. Not only can we insure people with diabetes, our diabetes program offers discounts on medications and support for managing diabetes.

Terminal Illness Program:

Peace of mind during challenging times. The Terminal Illness Program offers financial support in case of someone has something major happen with their health like a heart attack, stroke or cancer.

Healthy Living Rewards:

Receive rewards from your insurance for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Track your health, eat well, and exercise to earn incentives. Encouraging members to embrace healthier habits for life.

Leadership Involvement:

Members shape how the programs are created and distributed. Be a part of decision-making processes that influence community initiatives. Your involvement impacts program development.

Why Choose Our Member Benefits

Savings and Convenience

Our Deals and Discounts Club saves you money on everyday expenses and entertainment.

Health and Wellness

The Diabetes Program promotes well-being by providing medication discounts and support.

Continuous Learning

Our Online Enrichment Program empowers you to acquire new skills and knowledge.

Legal Protection

Access free legal documents and ensure your future with our Law Assistance service.

Family Security

The Parental Legacy Program and Terminal Illness Program provide financial security during life's challenges.

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